Stand For Nothing

by Discreant

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released October 18, 2019

Vocals: Jori
Guitar, bass: Peter
Drums: Johan

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter F. Bot / Happosadetanssi


released October 18, 2019




Discreant Helsinki, Finland

Finnish hardcore band from the Helsinki area, founded in 2016.

Jori - Vocals
Peter - Guitar
Johan - Drums
Mika - Bass (live)

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Track Name: Ersatz Iconoclast
Keep an ear to the pulse, so vigilant
Waiting for your cue to derail
Running roundabouts with whatabouts
Because you’re scared of getting anywhere

Don’t act surprised
When people think you’re a friend of the devil
When all you ever do
Is play his advocate

You’re not deconstructing holy cows
You’re building monuments for the status quo
Shut your gap, ersatz iconoclast
I’m sick of hearing you talking out your ass

Stand for nothing
Running your mouth

All in all you’re nothing but a chickenshit
Taking pride in that you stand for nothing
Think you’re clever when you’re just a fucking chickenshit
No insight, running your mouth

Don’t act surprised
When people think you’re a friend of the devil
Track Name: Heavenly Day
Think I’ve had my share
Called my boss and told him that he’s a prick
Every morning should be as fine as this

Oh what a heavenly day
Feels like I found my way
Life comes and goes as it may
Oh what a heavenly day

Finally free
To choose all of my own bullshit
Numb myself enough and it’s all good
Stale sitcoms with a chaser of rum

I must have dozed off
Hangover’s not an issue when there’s nothing to do
Still got some of that cheap ass vodka and plenty of beer
Should be more than enough to get me through

One more heavenly day
Feels like I found my way
Let life come and go as it may
Let each day be a heavenly day
Track Name: Everybody Get Ready to Die Tonight
Here comes a reminder
You're nothing but meat for the grinder
If you want a fresher angle
It's an honour to get properly mangled
Let your soul come agleam
From the beauty of the greater scheme
Die hard, die faster
Your ass belongs to your masters

Everybody get ready to die tonight

Don't ask for rhyme or reason
You're a product of the season
Your life has direction
We make our projections

Everybody get ready to die tonight

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